We’re Rebranding!



We’re Rebranding!


Our veterinary practice has been in existence in its separate parts since the 1950’s. Amalgamated in 2012 Gerry Neary and I named the practice “Geraghty & Neary Veterinary”. As you are aware Gerry is enjoying retirement from clinical practice. We have decided it is now time to change the name of the practice to reflect this. After quite a bit of thought and research we came up with a name that best reflects what services we offer our clients and who our clients are.

The practice will now trade as FarmGate Veterinary Group or FarmGate Vets for short.

We look forward to services all your veterinary and animal health needs in 2020 and beyond.

We have some exciting new plans for new and extended services in 2020. We will of course inform you as these come online.

During 2020 we will launch an online veterinary shop for animal health products. This will allow clients purchase animal health products from us online and have them delivered to your door. Your records etc will still be recorded and stored in the normal way. The shop will be accessible through our new website www.farmgateveterinarygroup.ie