FarmGate Veterinary Group & COVID-19



FarmGate Veterinary Group & COVID-19

FarmGate Veterinary group is classified as an essential service for food production. As such we will be remaining open as per instruction of DAFM. We will be implementing the following recommendations to adhere to HSE, DAFM and the Veterinary Council of Ireland guidelines.We want to service all your farming needs during this busy period whilst maintaining physical distancing and mitigate any risk of virus spread to you, our staff and ourselves.

Important points for farmers to follow:

Collecting medicines from office

Please phone ahead so your order can be ready for collection

Orders are collected in the porch

If you are over 70, in the vulnerable category or feeling unwell we will deliver orders free while the restrictions are in place

If you are self-isolating or in contact with someone that is, we will deliver orders to you in strictest confidence. Please do not come to the office.

Calls to sick animals

We will try to treat animals without assistance in at least 99% of cases

Please leave animals in the crush or calves/ewes in a small pen.

During this period of restrictions, it is advised not to have over 70’s, people in the vulnerable category or children in the yard

If you are sick, self-isolating or in contact with someone who is then you must inform us before we call.

If we need additional help, we will get one of the other vets to attend

Seasonal tasks/herd tests

Herd testing is continuing for this week at least. We want to maintain physical distancing during herd tests so follow the vets instructions

For tasks like castrations/dehorning/disbudding calves where we need close assistance - 2 vets will attend and do the job for this period of restrictions

We want to remind our clients that payments can be facilitated as normal over the phone, by post and of recently on our website where you can access the online farm shop Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 090 96 88608/ 79277 or by email [email protected]. We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the adherence so far as we work with the rest of the country to try contain the virus.

Please stay safe, stay home and respect the measures implemented.

Conor Geraghty MVB Cert DHH